A trade-in programme that saves you money.
Trade up to Bose quality sound and experience the difference Bose technology makes. And if you buy any BOSE® audio headphones now, we will compensate you with € 15 when you trade in your old headphones.

Choosing headphones for your personal audio listening too often ended in compromise
The desired combination of high performance, comfort and lightweight design was hard to find, leaving you with headphones that delivered only parts of the solution. Following extensive research into how people’s perception of sound changes when they put on headphones, we developed exclusive acoustic equalisation technology.

Combined with a unique TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, listeners hear a remarkable clarity and range with deep powerful bass simply not expected from headphones this lightweight and compact.
Making it a pure pleasure to play music privately at your desk or on the move, and hearing each note the way it is meant to be heard.

BOSE® in-ear headphones

deliver lifelike sound that’s faithful and realistic. Three sizes of silicone
ear tips offer a comfortable fit that’s right for you.

BOSE® on-ear headphones
deliver quality audio in a comfortable, lightweight and compact design.
Lifelike clarity and range remarkable for headphones this size. Collapsible headband offers increased portability.

BOSE® around-ear headphones
deliver quality sound performance and a comfortable fit. Bose
technologies deliver lifelike sound with acclaimed clarity and range.
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